Partner with the UAT Services provider that streamlines your IRT implementation.

Poxy Clinical has the experience and methodology to validate RTSM-controlled trials with integrity and speed. 

When patient safety and data integrity are at stake, the clinical trial sponsors that rely on your IRT technology can’t afford errors. Yet, there’s always pressure to implement the required RTSM software quickly to keep the study moving forward.    

Adding an independent UAT provider to your IRT implementation can greatly improve the project by identifying hard-to-find errors and streamlining the process—as long as you involve the right testing partner. 

Poxy Clinical is that partner.

We provide UAT services for leading clinical trial sponsors across every study phase, validating the RTSM system is fit for purpose and keeping the study timeline on track. That’s why IRT providers have continuously recommend Poxy Clinical to support their RTSM implementations.

Discover why leading IRT providers recommend Poxy Clinical for UAT services.

Our Goals Are Aligned

Like you, Poxy Clinical approaches each engagement with a sense of urgency, always mindful of our client’s study schedule and the costly impact of clinical trial delays. We bring together all the resources and capabilities it takes to conduct reliable user acceptance testing for RTSM-controlled clinical trials, smoothly and seamlessly.

  • Our dedicated UAT lead and support managers ensure the UAT project follows a well-documented plan and stays on schedule. They also keep your team informed throughout the engagement with frequent, proactive communication.
  • Our rigorous testing methodology ensures successful completion of every step in the user acceptance testing process, from UAT planning to test script development, testing execution, results approval, and delivery of an inspection-ready report.

Poxy Clinical has extensive experience working with many different IRT vendors and systems. Our UAT Services team bring their deep understanding of IRT technology and a history of successful partnerships with many different software vendor teams. 

Our team has successfully validated and led hundreds of studies supported by RTSM software, across the full range of therapeutic areas, from phases 1 through 3. Our diverse experience includes supporting trials for small molecule drugs, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and other biologics, and vaccines.

Quality begins with the by working with teams you can trust. Our dedicated UAT resources always deliver quality and meet the timelines we promise. We begin our process by developing a traceability matrix as our guide to identify the highest risk areas and supplement the testing you’ve already completed—from validating that data is calculated correctly to ensuring system rules are followed. Then we collaborate and incorporate your input to ensure our test scripts cover exactly what they should. Our project plan includes regular check-ins to ensure you’re always informed of our testing criteria, plans, and progress.

Poxy Clinical testers validate RTSM-supported trials by following the highest quality validation standards, applying our rigorous methodology, and adopting industry best practices. Each test also goes through a separate quality control check by a second team member to ensure consistent, reliable results.

Poxy Clinical is known across the industry as an agile, responsive partner that’s easy to work with—exactly what you need when you’re trying to keep a complex implementation on track. We take the burden of creating UAT requirements off your hands so you can focus on other critical tasks.

Learn how our UAT services can speed and support your RTSM implementations.