Discover why clinical trial sponsors choose Poxy Clinical for user acceptance testing (UAT).

Poxy Clinical’s UAT services help you maintain data integrity, prioritize safety, and speed time to market.

Today’s clinical trials are tasked with answering more questions in a single study—enabling sponsors to adapt quickly to early results, focus resources on the most viable candidates, and bring novel therapies to market faster and more efficiently. So clinical trial design is growing more complex, with master protocols (including basket, umbrella, or platform trials) designed to expedite drug development.

The more complex the trial, the greater the impact on the IRT study build. Randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) software must be flexible and configurable to accommodate evolving protocol designs and multiple study paths—yet that increases the risk of errors that can jeopardize patient safety or slow your study.

In this complex environment, you need to validate your RTSM-supported clinical trials with both integrity and speed, while ensuring third-party objectivity to avoid conflicts of interest. And that’s precisely what Poxy Clinical does.

Our UAT services support clinical trials across the full spectrum of therapeutic areas, helping you maintain the integrity of your trial data, prioritize patient safety, keep your studies on track, and get to market faster with new therapeutics.


Trust the IRT UAT experts.

Validating your RTSM-supported clinical trials is vital to avoiding costly errors and delays, especially when the software must account for a large number of unique patient journeys. But many sponsors don’t have the in-house resources or capacity to handle this mission-critical task themselves. It takes an agile, responsive partner that’s provided UAT services for countless trials across numerous systems to ensure success.

That’s when you need Poxy Clinical.

We provide the user acceptance testing resources, capabilities, and experience you may not have time or resources to do internally, so you can confidently confirm that the system is fit for purpose, meeting your specific study’s needs. By taking the UAT burden off your shoulders, we empower your team to focus on completing your study efficiently and productively.

See why leading clinical trial sponsors work with Poxy Clinical for UAT services.

Everything You Need to Validate with Confidence

Poxy Clinical brings together everything it takes to partner with a UAT services provider with assurance in the outcome.

When you team up with a third party for something as mission critical as your IRT user acceptance testing, you need complete trust in your testing partner. Nearly all of Poxy Clinical’s new business comes from repeat studies and referrals from satisfied clients—and that speaks volumes about the trust that leading trial sponsors place in us.

The Poxy Clinical team has successfully validated and led hundreds of studies supported by RTSM software, across the full range of therapeutic areas, from phases 1 through 3. We’ve supported trials for small molecule drugs, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and other biologics, and vaccines. You won’t find a more experienced validation partner.

Quality begins with the by working with teams you can trust. Our dedicated UAT resources always deliver quality and meet the timelines we promise. We begin our process by developing a traceability matrix as our guide to identify the highest risk areas and supplement the testing you’ve already completed—from validating that data is calculated correctly to ensuring system rules are followed. Then we collaborate and incorporate your input to ensure our test scripts cover exactly what they should. Our project plan includes regular check-ins to ensure you’re always informed of our testing criteria, plans, and progress.

Our testers follow the highest quality validation standards, apply our rigorous methodology, pay stringent attention to detail, and adopt industry best practices when developing scripts and testing your RTSM-supported trial. Then each test undergoes a quality control check performed by a separate staff member. The result: consistent, reliable results and an exceptional experience.

Poxy Clinical is known across the industry as an agile, responsive partner that’s easy to work with—exactly what you need when you’re trying to keep a complex implementation on track. We take the burden of creating UAT requirements off your hands so you can focus on other critical tasks.

When your UAT testing is complete, you receive a single, consolidated document containing our test strategies, scripts, and results—exactly what auditors look for as evidence of your testing due diligence. Every final output follows FDA documentation practices and is carefully reviewed by professionals with the proper audit certifications.

We always deliver on our promised timelines, acting with the urgency your clinical trial demands so you can get to market ahead of your competition. We monitor your schedule and timeline metrics diligently throughout your testing engagement to ensure your project stays on track—focusing on what we can control and managing those elements of your project exceptionally well.

Our dedicated resources include testing teams based in different geographic locations and time zones—so no matter where you’re based, your assigned team will be available to work on your local time. Regardless of the size of your organization or the scope of your resources, we can customize an IRT user acceptance testing engagement to fit your needs, always taking an agile approach that allows us to respond quickly and effectively.

Discover why leading clinical trial sponsors trust Poxy Clinical for their UAT services.